Craft Denim Indonesia is more than a textile company. Craft Denim Indonesia represents what the future can hold when traditional manufacturing methods are reexamined and coupled with innovative compositional practices. Formally founded in 2017, the company took it's time in searching for a niche in the already dense world of fabric-making and the design of items like jeans and tops. From questioning how water can be conserved throughout the construction of a garment to extracting harmful additives from the finishing process all together, the team of Craft Denim sought out to establish a product that would be not only be desirable to its customers but a sustainable solution in today's ever-changing fashion landscape. After over 3 years of development, sampling, and trials, The Craft Denim Clean Custom Jean was born. All of our dyes, solutions, processing, and manufacturing are cruelty free and provide a sustainable plant based solution to textile production and consumption.