Change the World By Changing Your Jeans

Buy responsibly sourced denim from Craft Denim ID

Let's face it - we all have to wear clothes. But, have you ever considered where those clothes you put on every day are coming from? What about the environmental cost of making them?

At Craft Denim ID, we looked into the answers to these questions, and it wasn't pretty. It takes a host of toxic chemicals and hundreds of gallons of water to make one standard pair of jeans. This process is currently polluting rivers and lakes in Asia at a staggering rate. Fortunately, the staff at Craft Denim ID has found a way to make denim more responsibly.

To learn more about our process and find out how you can support the movement toward greener clothing production, call us at 704-565-4412 today.

Leave harsh chemicals and contaminants behind

At Craft Denim ID, we've researched every step of the denim-making process to discover how to make it safer for the environment, and therefore, safer for people. What we've come up with is a weaving and washing process that doesn't use harsh chemicals and doesn't pollute our rivers and lakes. Our process uses:

14 oz. sanforized handwoven fabric
100% natural fibers
100% natural dyes
A natural vinegar wash

When you wear denim from Craft Denim ID, you're not only getting a superior product, you're doing something great for the future of our planet. So, join the movement. Support our cause and company through donations to our Kickstarter campaign now.

Expanding through responsible growth

Craft Denim ID has a variety of products we're working to bring to market. They include denim jeans, jackets, shirts and more. Stay tuned for additional products and for more opportunities to dress responsibly.


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A return to artisanal traditions

Craft Denim is a clean denim and textiles manufacturer based in Central Java with a focus on natural plant based dyeing and construction implementations